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Main Features

We take a unique approach to web services with our innovative technology. Our Website Bots have a plethora of benefits to be leveraged for success, we’re highlighting the main benefits here!


From booking appointments to guiding your customer through the perfect shopping experience, our website bot takes care of the busy work for you so you can focus on the more important tasks of your business.

Instant Support

A Chat-Savvy Bot never stops working for you. Our website bot works 24/7, can engage with as many visitors as your site has at any time, and delivers an error-free service.


Our powerful website bot works with HUNDREDS of programs, including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and plenty more!


We design, build, test, and launch your one-of-a-kind website bot. All you need to do is add one line of code to your website. Elevating your success has never been easier.

Advanced chatbot solutions

Awareness around Chatbots is growing and we’re seeing more and more businesses embrace this revolutionary technology then ever before! To read more about Chatbots click here or take a look at our explainer video below!

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What Our Customers Say

We experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. We leverage our experience + our innovative technology to deliver a solution that’s as unique as your business! Start maximizing your success today, book your free comprehensive consultation!

“Chat-Savvy Bots, I am impressed! Efficiency and excellence should be added to your name! Especially LeAnn, you are great, super savvy!”

jason edwards

“Automating our services with Chat-Savvy Bots has been great! Our revenue has increased by 41%, we’re seen actual results! Thanks, you guys are the best!”

libby welch

“What is Chat-Savvy Bots? A business with a team of superheroes. Superpowers? Magical technology and brilliant minds that create the ultimate solution for businesses large and small, businesses like mine!”

C. Cole